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Zan Moore and Alien Jon’s revolutionary Encyclo-poi-dia DVD’s are now available for download. Right here.

The BEST Poi Instruction Available

Encyclopoidia Vol. 2 presents the theory, technique, and practice of poi with helpful visual simulations.
With 22 chapters, over 95 minutes of carefully crafted instruction, it covers all levels of spinning, from beginner to expert.

What You’ll LEARN





Body Movement

And Tons More!

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*The link above is for downloading Encyclo-Poi-Dia Volume 2.
The second volume is a much higher-quality resource, and it’s recommended to start there.

If you want to continue your journey and dive into the archives, you can download Volume 1 here.

About the Encyclo-poi-dia

The Encyclo-Poi-dia was created by Zan Moore with the mission of offering high-quality learning resources in Poi spinning. His vision was to advance the art form in the long-term by training a new generation of flow artists with thoughtful, well-made content.

Zan learned to spin poi before YouTube existed, when spinners discussed new moves in text-based online forums. The release of “Encyclo-Poi-dia Volume 1” in 2006 was a landmark in the availability of instructional media for poi. Despite the video’s ‘homemade’ quality and feel, this original DVD spread worldwide and taught over 6000 people how to spin poi.

Then, with the proliferation of free online videos, Zan was inspired to make a second video that would surpass the quality, organization, ease of use, and speed of learning available through free online content. The result was “Encyclo-Poi-dia Volume 2: A New System of Poi Spinning,” released in 2009. For this video, Zan teamed up with Alien Jon to break down in detail a systematized approach to the types of possible motion and aesthetic interaction between poi and human bodies. This new version of Encyclo-Poi-dia included professional videography, 3-D computer modeling, and a plethora of professional poi artists giving performances and interviews about their craft.
Volume 2 finally achieved the vision of laying a foundation for the innovations and developments of a whole new generation of poi spinners.

After a few years, the DVD medium began to fall out of popular favor and the Encyclo-Poi-dia became relatively inaccessible until its release for digital download 2021. Willow and Zan, in offering this pay-what-you-can download of Encyclo-Poi-dia, wish to offer the educational material as a service to everyone with the desire to learn.

The DVDs originally sold for USD$25 (Vol 1) and USD$30 (Vol 2) each. Please, if you are able, offer some money as you download to help complete the circle of giving and receiving, and allow this service to remain free to all.
Thank you, and may your journey with poi be illuminating for your explorations of self, movement, and existing in the Universe.


 Vol. 1&2 Comparison